Anyang - An Example for the History of Chinese Archeology Studies (2014)

An Interview by Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner with Prof. Dr. Su Rongyu and Prof. Dr. Iwo Amelung

In the conversation with Michael Lackner, Su Rongyu talks among others about his academic career at the Xi'an Jiaotong University. Furthermore he explains the development of Chinese archeology under western influence. The relationship of the Yinxu Ruins at Anyang and the Gu Jiegang's Doubting Antiquity School is a concern of Iwo Amelung as well as the importance of writing. For Michael Lackner, it was a matter to emphasize the relationship of Anyang's archeology with divination and its tradition. Another subject of the discussion is the transporting of the archeological material from Anyang to Taiwan and other parts of the world.