Bibliographic Database

Shang Dynasty Divination Texts: Bingbian - 商代卜辭:殷墟文字丙編

This searchable database contains the transcription and translation by Ken-ichi Takashima of the complete text of the Yinxu wenzi bingbian, one of the most important corpora for the study of Shang dynasty oracle bone inscriptions.

Analyzing norms and practices in dealings with divination: a database of medieval legislative texts

This database analyzes norms of dealing with divination, in order to explore how legislative power dealt with soothsayers, fortune tellers, and alike during the European Middle Ages. It contains the results of our examination of council resolutions, the so-called concilia. You can search either search for any council resolution for a specific keyword , or select a council and learn about any keyword choosen in its resolutions . Furthermore the database can provide an overview over the frequency of any keyword, you select.

During winter term 2017/2018, this project was accompanied by the seminar "Hexen, Zauberer und Propheten. Mantische Praktiken und Normen im Mittelalter" at the FAU. In April 2018, the workshop "Mittelalterliche Rechtssammlungen als Quellen mantischer Praktiken" was held at the IKGF. A publication with its outcome is planned. For password access to the link given below and usage possibilities for the database (Detailed instructions for use included) please send your request to:

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