International Conference


Fates of Dreaming

A Transcultural Workshop on Oneirology in History and in Practice

March 16-17 2021


Dimitri Drettas

Brigid Vance

Workshop Venue

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Oneirology, or the study of dreams and dreaming, enjoyed authority and prominence in various times and places. Such prestige was the outcome of a long historical process, during which oneirological knowledge and methods were promoted, practiced, and disseminated. Today, our attention is drawn again to both theoretical and practical aspects of dreaming. This workshop brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners to examine the diverse means of creating oneirological knowledge in the past and in the present. Together, the three comparative panels highlight the latest scholarship and practices on a range of oneirological issues.




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Tuesday, March 16

2:00 p. m. Welcome Address
Dr. Dimitri DRETTAS (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), Dr. Brigid VANCE (Lawrence University)
2:20 p. m. Keynote Address
Prof. Dr. Michael LACKNER (IKGF Erlangen)
2:40 p. m. Discussion
3:00 p. m. Break
Dreambooks and Dream-Centered Speculative Traditions
(Chair: Matthias Schumann, IKGF Erlangen)
3:20 p. m. Dream Bibles and Mantic How-Tos: Oneirocritics as a Genre in the Chinese Tradition
Dr. Dimitri DRETTAS (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
3:40 p. m. Quranic Verses as Keys to Oneirocriticism
Prof. Dr. Pierre LORY (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris)
4:00 p. m. Discussion
4:30 p. m. Break
4:50 p. m. Taoist Perspectives on Dreams
Prof. Dr. Fabrizio PREGADIO (IKGF Erlangen)
5:10 p. m. The Reception of Carl Jung’s Dream Theory in Modern China: Terms and Examples
Alexandra FIALKOVSKAYA, MA (IKGF Erlangen)
5:30 p. m. Discussion

Wednesday, March 17

Asking and Telling: Dream Narratives
(Chair: Dr. George Klonos, IKGF Erlangen)
1:00 p. m. Dream as Metaphor, Metaphor in Dreams: on the Art and Purposes of Dream Narration in Chosŏn Korea (ca. 16th-19th c.)
Prof. Dr. Marion EGGERT (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
1:20 p. m. Tricky Dreams and Dashed Interpretations in Qing “Small Talks” (Xiaoshuo) Literature
Dr. Aude LUCAS (CRCAO-UMR8155, Paris / IKGF Erlangen)
1:40 p. m. Discussion
2:10 p. m. Break
Cured by a Dream: The Practices of Oneirical Consultation
(Chair: Dr. Yung-Yung Chang, IKGF Erlangen)
2:30 p. m. Understanding Dreams with “Scenic Complex Constellation”
Ursula BRASCH, MA (Private psychoanalytical practice, Schopfheim)
2:50 p. m. On Trusting Dreams
Dr. Andrés OCAZIONEZ (Private psychoanalytical practice, Berlin)
3:10 p. m. Discussion
3:40 p. m. Break
4:00 p. m. Caught between the Sublunar and the Divine: The Medico-Mantic Interface in Medieval Dream Interpretation
Dr. László Sándor CHARDONNENS (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
4:20 p. m. Merging Myth, Dreams, and History: Practicing Dream Divination in Late Ming China
Dr. Brigid VANCE (Lawrence University, Appleton)
4:40 p. m. Discussion
5:10 p. m. Break
5:30 p. m. Closing Remarks

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